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Beneath everything there ripples an intense adoration of writing.

Great brands begin with fables that fascinate and a writer that doesn’t just put pen to paper but weaves whole luminous worlds through the art of storytelling. Content marketing needs a glorious strategy, a visual dreamer, an apt business hand, an industry specialist and someone who is dedicated to being intuitive and inspiring both on and off the page.


As a lover of luxury writing and a marketer with years of experience in the travel niche, I can send readers spiraling down the sales funnel. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Imaginative Writing and have been presented with the Guardian prize for creative writing twice. My articles have been published both online and in many consumer magazines.


I spent a few years working exclusively with one of the top-rated luxury travel brands in the industry, Luxe in a City and their sister company Agence Luxe. In a short space of time I grew within the company to become chief editor, managing a small team of writers, curating content, developing editorial calendars and strategies and visiting destinations across the globe to paint a stunning picture for our readers. We were nominated as one of the Top 50 Best Luxury Blogs & Websites by Gosy and voted as one of the Top 5 Best Luxury Travel Blogs by the readers of USA Today and 10 Best.

I have developed hundreds of destination guides, hotel reviews, restaurant guides and travel blogs, along with EBook collections. I have visited numerous high brand hotels and restaurants along my journey, partnering with esteemed hotels such as the Ritz-Carlton, the Sofitel, The Metropolitan Como London, and the Swissotel Metropole Geneva.


I have worked for a myriad of clients; often in the niche of travel or luxury lifestyle. I have managed blog content, landing pages, organic SEO, inbound marketing strategies, and brochure content. These clients were mainly based within the luxury travel sector including super yacht charters, private jet charters, luxury tour companies, heritage hotels, hospitality, high class fashion and retail. I am also a contributing writer and travel expert for many high-class publications across the far-flung globe.

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